Four Corners Five: Reykjavik

Thanks for all the suggestions folks! Here are the top five places you must visit, according to you!


1)   View from the top of Hallgrimskirkja on Skolavorduhaed hill. If this isn't the prettiest view of the prettiest city then we don't know what is. There's no tilt shift involved here, but wow just look at it.


2)   Snarf down a hog dog by the harbour here. I know, it's just a hot dog right? What's the big deal? No idea, but every one of you guys mentioned it - and it is a fine hot dog, all being said!


3)   Blue Lagoon - bit of a day trip, but for a surreal experience it doesn't get much weirder than enjoying a cocktail in a swim up bar, in a geo-thermal heated outdoor pool. In the snow. Bonus points if you head to the outer edge and brave the North Atlantic water coming in, brr.


4)   Kolaportið fleamarket Have a proper rummage about, if it's good enough for Hlynur, it's good enough for us.


5)   Northern lights. Not exclusive to Iceland, but they certainly put on a hell of a show. Wow.

Lots of different places were hightlighted, but here are the most popular five.


1)   The Laundromat Cafe. Glad this place is a favourite with you folks, it certainly is one of ours. See our cornerista pick below. 


2)   Grillmarket, one the cities finest restaurants. Fantastic fusion of traditional and modern techniques. Try the tasting menu, incredibly inventive.


3)   Burger me. The guys at Hamborgara Bullan have a few branches dotted about, and a definite favourite with you guys - luckily you can enjoy a flavour of it here in London too!  


4)   Kaffibarinn. Watch 101 Reykjavik before you go, and you'll want to spend hours in here. Cracking cafe/bar. 


5)   Judging by how many people have recommended it - they must put something pretty special in the lobster soup at Sægreifinn... 

Let's here it for the little guy. Here are your favourite indie shops, places and spaces. Check them out!


1)   12 Tonar. It's an independent record shop. Remember those? 


2)   Geysir - wonderfully presented fashion, home and gift shop. If you wanted to define icelandic style, this is pretty much the hunder er eistu. 


3)   Bar Prikid A beautiful timewarp. This place has barely changed in 60 years, and that's fine with us.


4)   Dogma. Anywhere that sells this, deserves a place on this, and indeed, every list ever. Don't ask, we've no idea.


5)   The Handknitting association of Iceland. Yes, there is such a thing, and so you don't wake up with icicles on your ricicles, you should pay them a visit.

Half the fun of a holiday is in the planning. Get yourself in the mood with this little lot. 


1)   At number one! [INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG] It's only our Reykjavik playlist, have you heard it yet? You can add tracks too!


2)   101 Reykjavik. We mentioned it above and we love it, if you haven't seen it, you really should. If only for the best half arsed suicide attempt on film. Brilliant. And heartwarming too, it's much less miserable than we've made it sound. Oh. This is why we don't do film reviews.


3)    The Sagas of Icelanders. There's a cracking translation currently in print. We love it! We're on page nine, but we loved pages 1-8. This is why we don't normally do book reviews either.


4)   Have a listen to these fine purveyors of harmonic folk. Quite charming, Pascal Pinon, quite charming.


5)   Not strictly Iceland, as it's supposed to be Greenland, but most of Fortitude was filmed there. The scenery is the same, but in real life, a lot less murders. Which is kind of nice.

Cornerista Pick: Reykjavik

We'd have to pick The Laundromat Cafe as our top pick, in fact Four Corners was dreamt up whilst enjoying a fantastic brunch. This place is close to our hearts and wonderfully inspiring - we're living proof! 


The Laundromat Cafe

Austurstræti 9, Austurstræti, 101 Reykjavík

Agents of Awesome: Reykjavik

What's on your bucket list?

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