What's it called? TRES REYES (Three Kings)
Where is it? Spain/Italy
When is it? January
What is it? Celebrating the Epihany. 


Forget the fat guy in the coke advert breaking into people's houses and leaving presents for the 'Nice' people, this is celebrating the arrival of the three kings, and the Epihany on the 5th January, with great food, presents, friends and family.

Sure you can suffer the 'first week back' blues and dread the visa bill in the post, or reach for the retox and join us at the Four Corners for a bit of a celebration. Doesn't that sound nice?


Come join us at the Four Corners as we celebrate one the world's maddest events! Were you there last year? Send us your photos and we'll make you a star of the show! Are you going this year? Come along all week and we'll hopefully give you a taster of your trip!

Send your images and youtube links to:



We'll feature some of our favourite videos and pictures from your submits on the website and maybe in other formats e.g. on video screens or on display in the cafe. By posting your pictures here you a) acknowledge that you have created the pictures or have permission to do so; and b) grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, free licence to publish your pictures as described. Copyright resides with you and you may reuse your pictures however you wish.

What's on your bucket list?

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