Hey... we recognise that coffeeshop! Nice to be featured in the latest #LondonIsOpen campaign, it is - and so are we! 

Clowns to the left of me; jokers to the right... In these 'interesting times' at least you can count on our coffee for consistency and to cheer you up. Email us at content@four-corners-cafe.com or post a pic on social media with our new cups and tag your pics with #fourcornersfeelgood with reasons to be cheerful and we'll shout a free brew to those we repost ☕️?✌️

Four Corners Passports - join the Agents of Awesome!

Here are the passports we've had back so far, where have you taken yours? Send us a pic and we'll add you to the map! 


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New Quality Merchandise now available! 

Everything will be ok in the end. If it isn't ok, it isn't the end.


Now there's a fine thought to carry around all day. Literally.


Our latest, and finest, addition to our Quality Merchandise range - new design heavy duty 10oz cotton tote bag now available in store and online! Only £10, and for the next two weeks £5 from each sale will go to Project Waterfall as part of UK Coffee Week.


NB: Nonchalantly standing barista not included. 

If Four Corners made TV ads with 1970's Pearl & Dean style production values, they'd look a bit like this. No fancy starwipes, production budget or guest appearances, we've gone lo-fi and love our crappy advert. For your pleasure, we present...


Four Corners: Temporary Solutions for Everyday Problems.



Going places? Get yourself organised with our new free Trip Planner!

All NEW Reward program

Introducing our new loyalty program, where every time you check in you're one step closer to some wonderful prizes* 


Simply download the app here or pick up one of our unique cards in store. Simply scan it every time you visit and build up points to redeem for free stuff. We still have our Corners Passports too earning you free coffee for your purchases and pictures, double bubble!


We've got different rewards, ranging from free quality merchandise, booze offers, free interactive classes & more to follow. Read below for more details!


*"Wonderful" is such a subjective word when you think about it.



Clock up enough visits and choose from our range of quality merchandise absolutely free! Perfect for a treat for yourself or a gift for someone you don't want to spend too much money on. Hey, we won't tell. See here for our range of magic merch!




What could be better than saving up points to then spend on free booze? Anyone got a better idea? Didn't think so! Turn your morning coffee points into a chance to sample some of our booze range - we've got beers, wines, cocktails and some unique tea infused gins and vodkas. Hic Hoc, it's booze o'clock! 




Really save up your points and book yourself onto our new classes, where we talk through and sample our products. Three to choose from - Learning about Soft Brew Coffee; Tea Tasting Classes; and our favourite - GINTOWN.

In any other cafe, that may seem strange.
If Corners TV was real...

Latest News - Cold Drip Coffee

What's this Cold Drip Coffee about then? 
Well, it's coffee that we 'brew' and bottle in house, using no heat or pressure. Just the power of our minds. And gravity. And some equipment. And Coffee. And some filtered iced water. And time, lots of time.
So it's cold coffee? Isn't that bitter? and horrible?
Yes! and No, and No! Bitterness comes from overexposing the beans to heat - either in the roasting or the extraction. As we use amazing beans, and no heat at all, you get a really smooth, fruity infusion without any hint of bitterness. Try it!
Hmmn, I'm not convinced. Does it still pack a caffeine kick? 
Oh yeah! We use a higher ratio of coffee:water than an espresso and whilst being cool and refreshing it still perks you up.
That's good - What's this about it taking a long time?
Well, each batch of filtered iced water takes around 12 hours to drip through the coffee grounds.
12 hours! I can't wait that long, I've got things to do, places to go!
No, no! We brew it overnight, you don't have to wait. We'd prefer it if you didn't, you'd set off the alarms at night and freak out the guys when we open.
Ok, so it's cool, refreshing, and packs a caffeine kick. What's the catch?
Nothing - except we can only make limited quantities each day, so grab one while you can!


Each week we're featuring a different place and picking out the five best bits. Have you been? What would you recommend to everyone as a must see or do?

Even the smallest of notebooks can hold the biggest of dreams. We know, this one was ours!


Inspired by this we'd like to announce the newest addition to our Quality Merchandise range, here's our Little Dreams, Schemes & Daydreams notebook - it even comes with a cute little pencil too, only £5.

Click to see our first Four Corners Five: Reykjavik - Your top tips for top trips!

There ain't no party like a corners tea party, hey... ho. 


Ladies and gentlemen, tea has just grown up. Flowering tea and macaroons for two available now at the corners!  

Before we launch our new products for the new year, let's have a little reminder of our existing ones... :)



Planning your next holiday / project / bank heist?


Get yourself organised and jot down your thoughts in our new fancy Journal, only £9!



Quality 10oz Cotton Shopper bag, now in stock at the corners. Only £10!


And hey, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Have a think. 



You may have a ticket to ride, and you may not care - but! Do you have a rather natty travelcard holder to keep it in?


Thought not. Rectify this glaring omission in your inventory with this great new card holder, now in stock at the corners. Get yours today, only £5! 



Love tea? Love a good pun? or better yet, a bad one?


Pick up our new Love You Oolong Time mug, now in stock at the corners, get one today! Price £7.50. 



Got the boss in the secret santa? Or a coffee lover? Your Christmas shopping is now sorted with our new You For Coffee mug, available now at the corners! Get yours today, only £7.50!

Introducing the Agents of Awesome!

Hey! You! Yes, YOU! We're on a mission to #banishbeige so look out for our agents of awesome! 

They've been colouring in these cards like mad, and are itching to give them away - but only to those worthy of awe. It's an often overused word, let's claim it back. 

Think you've got what it takes? Tag your pics with #banishbeige & #agentsofawesome on facebook, instagram & twitter if you feel your antics and pics qualify! 

One of London's Secret Fashion Spots, as featured in The Telegraph.
Commended for Best Start Up at the Lambeth Best of Business Awards 2014



Hot off the press!


We knew it would only be a matter of time before the minimen got in (and on) the London Coffee Guide, great stuff!


A huge thank you to all our customers, followers, supporters and wellwishers! 

Making it into the London Coffee Map, both literally and figuratively!

Introducing our new tea infused cocktails! Try these out! We've infused the lovely Yumchaa loose tea with premium Gin and Vodka to come up with some great new flavours and cocktails: 


Earl Grey Tea Gin- The Bergamot gives the gin an extra kick and the tea notes follow gently behind. Try it long with Fever Tree tonic as a  G&Tea, or mixed with Lemon juice and Sugar Syrup as a Martini. 


Courtesan Gin - There's nothing Sloe about the hibiscus & berries that infuse this gin - they supercharge a G&Tea, adding fruity sherbert notes. Best enjoyed long with tonic. 


Wanderlust Vodka - Apple, Cinnamon and Tea notes will warm you up this winter! Enjoyed long with Lemonade, or short with fresh cloudy apple juice for a perfect Mar-tea-ni (groan, sorry!)


Lemon Sherbert Vodka - Rooibus, Citrus and Vodka play together to give this a warming woody mouthfeel. Best enjoyed long with lemondade. 

What's on your bucket list?

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